About Us

We are a new generation of the ladies’ fashion movement committed to bringing a relaxed style and subtle flair to the modern woman. Our brand is suited for current lifestyles without the limitations of the seasonal trends. We are on a constant mission to strike the perfect balance of creating a functional wardrobe while ensuring an edge that lets you stand out for looking stunning.

At JLOR USA, we believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We remain rooted in easy-to-wear designs not weighted down by trends but still paying tribute to the feminine allure in all its strength and uniqueness. We bring pieces that can be paired with items from your wardrobe - complimenting your outfit and accentuating your boldness.

From loungewear sets, dresses, rompers, tops, and bottoms, our items come at attainable price points and attractive color palettes that take you from day to night with ease.

In the apparel industry's fast-evolving trends, we aim to clothe the independent woman with a minimalist but powerfully feminine fashion statement. We are here for the fashion-conscious queen who draws confidence in simplicity and can effortlessly slay in it.